I am an independent editor of molecular biology manuscripts. I read and understand every word of your manuscript or grant and edit it, to optimize English and clear logical presentation, just like a professional colleague reviewer, all that simply in a Word manuscript in track changes mode with comments bubbles. Before becoming a freelancer in January 2015 I was a lecturer and PI at Newcastle University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine for two and a half years, writing and gaining a Marie Curie fellowship and publishing from my lab. Before that, in France from 2010-2012, I worked on splice regulation in stem cells and published in Nature Communications among others. Before that I gained data presentation skills as the scientific manager responsible for publishing results for a 10 Million dollar Genome Canada project to analyze alternative splicing genomewide in cancer, with many first author publications including Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, over my three years there. My scientific career started working on alternative splicing as a control mechanism in spermatogenesis, through post docs in Newcastle and Edinburgh and a PhD from Leicester in 2000.
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