Science Sense Intra-community VAT number – FR13528036346

Perfecting manuscripts for non-native or English speakers costs 60 Euros per hour

(works out at 60 Euros per 1000 words on average, excluding references) 

rate applies until 30 June 2018

Further justification (money talks)

I currently charge 60 Euros an hour, at least until the 30th June 2018. This is currently very simply calculated at one Euro per minute and enables me to give full attention to the work in hand and also to start and stop over the day to only give full attention, i.e. to stop when I am tired for example. As a round estimate, a thousand words of text takes me one hour to edit i.e. I treat, on average, 1000 words per hour. A guide price then is 60 Euros per thousand words (excluding references of course). However times vary and can, unusually, be half or double that estimate. Another layer of complexity comes from the fact that every client is different. Sometimes it is desirable to look at a paper two times i.e. in two rounds when the author has accepted comments and suggestions, as they see fit, and agreed to return a refreshed document to edit again. Sometimes I may even return the initial document after just having corrected and added suggestions to the Abstract. This allows the author to make changes of a similar kind to the entire document before I work on it and thus saves the author money. Also, in this case I do not charge anything for initially looking at the Abstract. Proofreading an already accepted manuscript is obviously much quicker than the above estimate and translating into English is slower. For these various reasons I charge 60 Euros an hour and my clients, who mainly know me, or know someone who does, trust me. My reputation and getting further work depend very strongly on client satisfaction.