Science Sense

Perfecting manuscripts in Biology for non-native and English speakers alike.

The issue: Scientists’ reputations, and hence their ability to get funding, depend above all on the impact factor of the journals in which they publish. The top journals are thus inundated with supplications and are forced to make brutal refusals, often due to presentation and language, even when the underlying science is good. Having myself reviewed for these journals I know that incorrect grammar and vocabulary can cause misunderstandings and reduce your chance of passing the editor and reviewers’ scrutiny and finally of being accepted for publication.

My expertise: Plenty of companies propose translation and proofreading services for scientists without staff specializing in molecular and cellular biology or genetics. Being English, with 20 years research experience in biology, including 5 years in French-speaking Quebec and France, I have gained strong skills in writing and publishing in top journals (Nature Communications, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, PLoS Medicine, Cancer Research etc.) and read and revised many manuscripts written by French-speaking colleagues, keeping the full sense of their scientific arguments.

Proposed services: English is a very efficient language when its logical structure is well applied, therefore I propose to optimize (rather than just proofread) your manuscript and letter to the editor prior to submission for publication. I offer a conscientious and rapid processing of the fruits of your labor. It is useful for me to also have a single pdf file containing all the figures. Most importantly you send me a manuscript ‘Word’ file and I will make suggestions in ‘track changes’ mode to perfect and correctly ‘sell’ your work.